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1st-Mar-2009 06:12 pm - icons
[024]Beatles some animated
• John Lennon
• George Harrison
• Magical Mystery Tour
• Hard Days Night
• Random
[013]The Monkees
[05]Marilyn Monroe
[07]Kate Winslet
[013]Dhani Harrison


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Come see them all here!
16th-Feb-2009 04:36 pm - iconzies, animations & bannerz! XD
Dhani Harrison {30}
Dhani Harrison Banner {1}
Dhani Harrison Animation {1}
The Beatles (animated ones!) {35}
Beatles Animations {5}
Leo DiCaprio {10}

All of these made with love

Sneak preview!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

come see them here!
15th-Feb-2009 04:27 pm - Dhani Spam.
If you haven't Join thenewno2band,that updates with new things about thenewno2

Choose what your watching..Collapse )
26th-Aug-2008 05:22 pm - about "You are here"..
Oh, God!!!!!!!!! Oh, my sweet Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a great album he made!!!!!!

Oh, my very dear George!! You'll be proud of your son!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for Dhani!!!!

I'm very impressed!!! And "I give you love" and "Shelter" are already my favorite songs!!!

Hare Krishna!
Jesus loves you!! Same as Mohammed, Buddha and Co..
God bless you all!!
Peace and Love!!
1st-Aug-2008 04:03 am - Happy Birtday, Dhani!
B-day Cupcake
In honor of Dhani's 30th birthday I bring you some pics.

Thanks to beatfreek over at beatlepics for these. This spread is in the new Teen Vogue Fall '08 Supplement 'Fashion Rocks'.

'You look more like George Harrison than I do.' Collapse )
23rd-Jul-2008 10:11 am - Finally!
According to their myspace, Thenewno2's debut album will be available on iTunes on August 1. No idea if/when it'll be in stores, this was just posted in a bulletin yesterday afternoon.

9th-Jun-2008 09:17 pm - A few icons
domino43 - hearts
[x] Feel free to use.
[x] Please credit. katorea or domino43
[x] Textless may be edited any way you see fit. I'm not an icon nazi. :p But credit for the base would be nice, though not necesary.
[x] Comment if taking.

[5] Alizée
[4] Anoushka Shankar
[21] The Beatles
[7] thenewno2
[2] Glen Hansard

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