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dhani_harrison's Journal

a Dhani Harrison community
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about us.
A community dedicated to gorgeous and talented son of George Harrison.We are here to appreciate the wonderfulness that is, Dhani, so please try and keep fangirling to a minimal. Posting is moderated but will likely be approved a.s.a.p!
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1.Please keep fangirling to a minimal. We get it, he's cute.
2.All types of graphics are welcomed. From icons to colorbars!
3.Questions are welcomed, but please check the tags to see if your question has previously been answered, thanks!
4.No Girlfriend inquires. I'm sorry but we're not here to discuss anything about his personal life.
5.Any questions, feel free to private message me! :)
6.DO NOT SPAM this community or I will remove your posting access from this community/ban you. I'm very serious about this rule.